This is just a pitch from a whole lot out there. This list goes on and on. This shows how broad is this topic. Let us look at additional areas of expertise. Content Management. Website Development, but also Social Media and PR. are related Project Management. The Internet and IT industry requires the ability to manage projects and motivate teams as launching new products are in fact new projects inside an organization.

Marketing. This area related to understanding of your Customers and Users and is almost equal to Social Media - promotion of products through Internet. They require the ability to attract and keep customers.
 How can new trends in Web and Tech affect your work? If you want to succeed and advance in your career, you cannot just specify in one narrow area. What is going on in the market, that is, what new products are launching and how it all can affect your work should be your concern. You should always be aware of them. When it comes to social media development, as a customer service agent, you need to be proactive researching and learning new channels users can use to contact you and in those channels, like LinkedIn, Whatsapp, Facebook page. No one is saying you must know some specific information about some specific product. But you just need to understand how the internet world is developing. And our success in Internet and tech area depends on our knowledge about this market.

It can be compared to financial analysts: any event in the world in general can massively affect stock prices. In conclusion, entering into the world of the Internet and High Technology, we need to be prepared and keep abreast with what is happening in the industry. With it we would not only excel above our competitors by following the innovations first and create new products by ourselves, but would help us to be up-to-date with the news


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